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7 Clever Ways to Hide Christmas Presents

Posted by wobstorage on November 12, 2019

As the Christmas season rapidly sneaks up on us so too does the challenge of ‘where to hide the presents?’.


Depending on the age of the recipients, you may need to be ‘extra’ clever when thinking up the perfect hiding spots! And it’s not just the little ones you need to think about. You may have to work extra hard to keep the surprise from those nosey adults too.


(1) Somewhere Dark and Cobwebby – Are they a little scared of the attic or garage?  These can be great hiding places as little ones are less inclined to want to spend time poking around in there. Stacking old things around your gifts also works as long as they won’t get damaged.


(2) The Laundry Basket – You could hide them in cupboards with the cleaning products, in the laundry bin, or even right alongside ironing that is waiting to be done.


(3) In Their Rooms – Ok maybe it’s not the first place that comes to mind, but right under their noses could work perfectly, maybe under their beds or at the back of their wardrobe.


(4) Label boxes with other Names – Put a box in the attic with ‘Halloween Decorations’ or Easter Hunt’ labels on it and throw them off the scent.


(5) Car Boot– The boot of your car can be a great option. If you have older kids, try hiding the gifts in the spare tyre space of your car.


(6) Suitcases – Inside suitcases can be a good option and even better if they come with a lock!


(7) Outside Storage – If you need to store something quite large or expensive and don’t want to risk having it stolen from your car boot or shed, it’s worth considering hiring a small self-storage unit (even a 10ft2 locker) for a few weeks.


Also, if you find space is extra tight over Christmas with visitors, you could look at hiring temporary outside storage space for furniture and household items.


Don’t Forget!
Make sure you remember where you’ve hidden everything! Being organised is great, but when you buy something for a Christmas stocking in September and hide it carefully, it’s very easy to not remember till March!


We hope you have found these tips helpful! Hoping the run up to Christmas will be stress free and you get to really enjoy this magical time of the year.


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