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A Success Story of Growth and Flexibility with Wm. O’Brien Self Storage

Posted by Public Storage on January 16, 2024

MyCore Supplements is the go-to destination for health foods and sports nutrition. Dedicated to providing top-notch products at unbeatable prices, they boast a team of expert buyers and researchers committed to staying ahead of the curve.

When My Core initially signed up to Wm O’Brien Storage, they were a budding business in need of a convenient storage solution for their excess stock. Recognizing their potential for growth, they opted for a small storage unit to meet their immediate requirements. As time progressed, so did My Core’s success. The demand for storage space increased in tandem with their expanding operations. Witnessing their development and understanding their evolving needs, we, at Wm O’Brien’s Self Storage, took pride in accommodating My Core’s flourishing business by providing the necessary space for their growing inventory. It’s a testament to the flexible and supportive environment we aim to create for businesses like My Core, fostering their journey from a modest storage unit to a seamlessly integrated part of our storage community. What started as a modest space for online order fulfilment has now transformed into a thriving shop.

One of the key contributors to this success story is the outstanding facilities provided by Wm. O’Brien Storage. The availability of a loading bay & forklifts has proven instrumental, particularly during the influx of large orders containing weights and pallets of supplements. This resource ensures the seamless handling of substantial shipments, contributing to the overall efficiency of MyCore Supplements’ operations.


“The facilities here are brilliant. There’s a forklift whenever we have big orders coming in for the weights that we have or the pallets of supplements. We can leave orders into reception for collection and our deliveries get taken in by the staff if we’re ever not here. The staff here can’t do enough. They’re always helping us out. If we ever need anything done, they’ll do it for us.

When things were going well for us, we were able to expand. And when things were a bit quieter, we were able to downsize and take less space than what we had. William and everybody here have been very accommodating that way. We’ve been able to take as much space as we needed at the time depending on what we required. We’re very grateful for the flexibility that this service offers and all the help that they give in general.”

My Core can leave orders with the reception for hassle-free customer pickups, and the attentive staff will accept deliveries on behalf of MyCore Supplements as well when the team is off-site. This level of service reflects the commitment of the storage facility’s staff to support and facilitate the business’s needs.

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