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11 Businesses that Benefit from Renting Storage Containers

Posted by wobstorage on September 28, 2020

Self storage in Ireland was a relatively unknown offering just a few years ago. Now lots of different businesses are using storage containers as mini warehouses and a base to support their growing requirements. Choosing this type of storage rental gives both small companies and larger enterprises great flexibility as they can increase or decrease the size of their units, not get tied up in lengthy contracts and only pay for what they need. Storage containers can be transformed to fit the requirements of a wide range of businesses.

To trigger your imagination here are just a few types that can benefit:

1- Online Businesses –

With low barriers to entry, e-commerce businesses have sprung up from kitchen tables all around Ireland. As your business grows, so too does your need for space to hold stock and fulfil deliveries. Storage containers allow you to keep a better balance between work and home space. Whether you’re selling clothing, books, sporting goods, toys or beauty products, they can all be stored safely and securely in your container unit. Ready to pack up and deliver to your customers. In addition, storage staff can be there to help with deliveries and collections, so your time isn’t wasted waiting for couriers.


2- Retailers

For traditional bricks and mortar retails, container storage provides huge flexibility to let your shop breathe during peak seasons, to store sale stock and support additional online sales. As there are no long term leases, you can scale up and down on a weekly basis without being tied to a restrictive contract.


3- Tradespeople

If you are a plumber, carpenter, gardener or running a DIY business, containers make for a great option for those looking to set up a workshop or simply as a secure place to store equipment. The units can easily be modified to suit the type of workshop you want with plenty space for tools, protective equipment, raw materials and even paperwork. In addition, when it comes to storing expensive tools, storage containers are also a much safer option compared to keeping them in the back of a van or your shed. When choosing a self-storage company make sure they have 24/7 CCTV and unique keypad access for added security.


4- Photographers / Videographers

With a storage container, photographers and videographers can set up permanent studios for a small fraction of the price you would pay for an actual City Centre office. Taking the time to set up your living room studio only to have to take it down 5 minutes before the kids rush in from school can be pretty frustrating. Whether you need a quite space to do your editing or a full blown studio, a storage unit could be just the solution you need, with access to a workspace during whatever hours you want and peace of mind knowing your equipment is secure.


5- Arts and Crafts 

Are you a full-time artist tight on space, or has your part-time hobby started to explode? It can be challenging to find the right work studio and storage space for your equipment, raw materials and finished products. Storage containers can be kitted out to suit your needs. In a storage unit you can brainstorm and let your creative juices flow without having to clear the table for dinner. And if you’re ready to start selling and need to arrange deliveries to your customers, you’ll be in the perfect location.


6- Lawyers and Accountants 

While we are slowly moving towards more of a paperless environment, some businesses like lawyers and accountants still rely quite heavily on printing paper. Storage containers are a great option for secure, cost effective document storage. In addition, for accountants and lawyers who want a more cost-effective office solution, containers can easily be converted into offices for a less traditional, but really cost-effective alternative for your daily operations.


7- Merchandisers 

Consumer goods and marketing companies invest lots of time and money in producing cutting edge merchandising materials to ensure that their products are the ones consumers add to their trolleys. Merchandisers can use storage containers to make sure they have timely, easy access to whatever samples, inventory, merchandise and promotional materials they need to win the hearts of their customers.


8- Medical Supplies 

Companies can dramatically cut down on their medical reps mileage by using container storage as a central pick up point to store stock. With secure access 24/7, reps can collect just the material they need for their work. Deliveries can also be accepted on your behalf, ensuring that time isn’t wasted hanging around for couriers.


9- Event Organisers 

Organisation is second nature to event organisers, so having props and paperwork everywhere is not something that helps with your creative flow. Storage containers can be used to store event props, documentation and even as an administration space giving you the head space to plan spectacular events and keep all the elements you need safe, secure and easily accessible.


10- Charities

If you run a charity then it’s essential that you have a space to store product donations, stock and documentation. Storage containers will give you a safe, dedicated space and can even be used as a base for your office.


11- Vintage / Second Hand Dealers

Whether it’s clothes or furniture, a storage container can be a great option to store your goods rather than trying to find space at home. In between auctions, fairs, pop-up shops or car boot sales, keep your stock in an easily accessed drive-up storage unit where everything will be clean and safe.


At Wm. O’Brien Self Storage, our storage units are perfect for lots of business uses. Whether you need them as a base to work from or are using them purely for storage, we can provide the perfect, flexible solution for you. Contact us today to find out more!