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Choosing The Right Storage Boxes

Posted by Shannon White on October 19, 2021


When you’re moving from one home directly to another or storing your personal items in a storage facility for the time being, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the right storage boxes! Believe it or not, the size and shape of the packing boxes have a specific function of their own. You want to ensure that your goods are packed correctly especially when it comes to small, glass, invaluable or irreplaceable items.



We see it each time customers come to purchase boxes from our shop. You want to buy the largest box, throw everything into them and call it a day. Now, you can do that – but you will only end up getting all your items mixed up with each other and could damage something quite valuable or sentimental. Each type of packing box carries different weights and no one wants to throw their back out carrying their shoes or winter coats!



Box Types:

The main two types are cardboard to plastic. The thing to consider is what exactly you are packing away. Top Tip: We recommend creating a list of each rooms items, this will give you an idea of what each room contents are and it can help push you to donate more items if you weren’t already!



Cardboard Boxes:

When you hear the words ‘boxes’, ‘moving home’, ‘storage’ you automatically think cardboard boxes. And rightly so – they come flat packed so easy to purchase and fit into your car or van, they are inexpensive and easily assembled when needed. Universally used, everyone from your corner shops to online retail stores are using them to pack their items. All you need is some tape and away you go.


Cardboard boxes are great as they can be recycled after their use, but we do not recommend them to store your items in places such as: attics, garages, anywhere where there could be moisture. These areas will not only lead to damage of the boxes but also to your personal goods.


Our carboard boxes start from as little as €2.50, you can find our full selection of cardboard boxes and moving house packs HERE



Plastic Boxes:

Plastic boxes are the ideal pick as they are mostly see-through and you can see what items are inside each container. Advantages include: conveniently stackable, comes with sealable lids and due to consumers demand – they come in a vary of colours. Top Tip: A great way of organising each rooms belonging is to use a colour code system i.e. bathroom items are in blue plastic boxes, bedroom items are in red and kitchen are all inside white/clear plastic boxes.



Box Sizes:

The size of the box you choose will vary based on the items going into them. Below are our most popular storage boxes and our recommended use:




Our book box is perfect for small items that would add on too much weight to a larger box. These are great for fragile items that you wish to keep separate and wrapped in bubble wrap such as kitchen ornaments etc.







The A3 medium box, in our opinion  designed for items such as kitchen ware, glasses, pot and pans etc. They are They are rectangular in shape rather than height so easier to carry due to holding the box at your centre of gravity.







Our large boxes are tall in height and come with handles so they are convenient to transport. Ideal for linen, lamps and kitchen appliances.






Extra Large:

Coming in at 63cm L x 45 cm W x 61.5 cm H – these are the perfect box for kids toys, duvets, winter coats but be aware of the weight as they come become far too heavy quite fast.







Our wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing up all your clothes if you don’t have the time to fold them. It comes with a bar that you insert across the top and your hangers can easily hook into place. It saves quite a bit of time that you can put into other areas of packing! Top Tip: Another method of this is to gather some of your clothes hanging up in your wardrobe and put them into a black binbag leaving the top of the hanger out, we recommend this for suits and expensive coats.



Call into our Box Shop from 8:30am – 6pm Monday – Friday & 9am – 4pm Saturdays to purchase all the packaging supplies and boxes that you need. One of our storage experts will be delighted to assist you and give any advice!