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Christmas Tree Storage Ideas: 7 Hacks for a Jolly Holiday Season

Posted by Public Storage on December 18, 2023

The holiday season is filled with magical twinkling lights, festive decorations, and the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through the hallways. But when the festivities wind down, one problem remains: how do we deal with Christmas tree storage? 


If you’ve ever wrestled (figuratively and literally) with the problem of storing your tree in a way that preserves its beauty while keeping it out of the way, you’re in good company. We’ve all been there — tangled in a mess of branches, lights, and ornaments — praying for a better way.


We’re here to help you transform that post-holiday puzzle into a hassle-free experience with seven ingenious Christmas tree storage hacks that will not only keep your prized tree in prime condition but also make your life a whole lot easier. 


From smart storage solutions to creative concepts you never thought of, this blog post is the holiday gift that keeps on giving!


When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

A couple working on taking down a Christmas tree for storage

The ideal time to say farewell to your Christmas tree is within the first two to three weeks of the new year. There’s no strict deadline for this, but taking down your tree during this time is best practice for both safety and cleanliness. As time passes, the needles on live trees tend to become dry and brittle, making them a fire hazard. For artificial trees, timely removal helps prevent any dust and dirt buildup, guaranteeing your tree stays fresh for the next holiday season. 


The 7 Best Christmas Tree Storage Solutions To Wrap Up the Festive Season 

Someone carefully wrapping up a Christmas tree in plastic

  1. Christmas Tree Bag Storage 

Wrapping your artificial Christmas tree in a storage bag will change the game forever. These bags often come with sturdy handles, making it much easier to carry your tree to the attic or basement. They’re also designed to keep all the branches neatly in place and prevent dust from settling in. You can find them in various sizes to house your specific tree, no matter how tall or bushy it may be.

  1. Xmas Tree Storage Boxes 

If you’re more of a “go big or go home” type of decorator, a specialised Christmas tree storage box might suit your needs best. These storage boxes are devised to keep your tree in perfect condition and often come with extra space for your ornaments. Now you just need to put it away until next year, and you’re good to go!

  1. Sheets or Plastic Wrap 

A budget-friendly option for storing Christmas trees is to go out and buy some sheets or plastic wrap. Disassemble your tree before wrapping it up. The sheets protect your tree from dust and dirt and plastic wrap keeps everything securely bundled in a pristine pose. Think of it as wrapping a gift for your future self.


  1. Label Parts 

Disassembling your tree is often a breeze, but reassembling it can be a puzzle if you’re not highly organised. Label the sections of your artificial tree, so you can effortlessly put it back together next year. This simple hack will save you time and tears of frustration.

  1. Use Cardboard Tubing for Small Decorations 

Don’t forget about your precious ornaments among all this talk of trees! Those delicate glass baubles (and, in some cases, cherished family heirlooms) need some love and attention too. Instead of tossing them into a box, use cardboard tubing (like the ones from wrapping paper) to protect them, cut the tubing into smaller sections, wrap your ornaments in tissue paper, and slide them in. Voila! They’ll be safe and sound and ready to jingle and jangle come next Christmas.

  1. Ceiling Hooks 

Ceiling hooks can be a space-saving and stylish way to store your artificial Christmas tree. Attach hooks to the ceiling of your garage or storage area and hang the tree from the centre pole. This keeps it off the floor and out of harm’s way (as well as your own).

  1. Self Storage Units 

If space is a precious resource in your home, you should seriously think about renting a self storage unit. It’s the perfect solution for storing your Christmas tree and decorations without crowding up your living space during the rest of the year. 


Designed to keep precious items safe with affordable options, you can guarantee your Christmas tree and decorations stay safe and out of the way. Self storage units come in various sizes to suit whatever amount of space you’ll need.


Whether you prefer a storage bag, a specialised box, or a touch of DIY creativity, you’ll be chanting, “My ho, ho, home is free and clean!” in no time.

Why Wm. O’Brien Is the Best Christmas Tree Storage Solution


Our self storage solutions offer top-notch accommodations for your cherished Christmas tree and decorations. Wm. O’Brien Self Storage brings you the best in secure units, making sure that your festive items stay in pristine condition during their “off-season”. 


With Wm. O’Brien Self Storage, you won’t need to cram your attic or clutter your garage; you can have your tree, ornaments, and all things Christmas-related safely stored and out of the way until you need them again. And you’ll find our prices highly affordable!


A little extra care when putting away your Christmas tree means it will be in perfect shape to bring joy to your home for many more years. Happy holidays and happy storing!