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How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in Cork?

Posted by Public Storage on September 12, 2023

“How much does storage cost in Cork?” 


You aren’t the first (or last) person to ask this question.


Storage units offer a bounty of benefits beyond just decluttering your living space. They provide a secure, organised, and easily accessible space for your belongings. Whether you’re moving to a new home, downsizing, or need to clear out some clutter, finding a suitable storage unit can be your saving grace. But you don’t want to get taken for a fool; it’s important to be aware of the various self storage unit prices you’ll encounter in Cork. Pay too much, and you’re wasting money, but pay too little, and you may receive dubious quality at best. Luckily, this guide was designed in mind to resolve this exact problem!



Factors That Influence Cork Self Storage Unit Prices

When finding a storage solution in Cork, Ireland, understanding the costs involved is a crucial first step. Self storage prices in Cork can vary greatly based on several factors, ranging from location to facility amenities. As you explore all your options, keep in mind that a handful of critical factors will influence the final price you pay for your storage unit


The location of the storage facility plays a pivotal role in determining the cost. Units in the bustling heart of Cork city centre often come with a premium due to their convenience and proximity to businesses and residences. On the other hand, storage units on the city’s outskirts tend to be more affordable, offering a trade-off between accessibility and cost savings.


Unit Size 

Storage units come in various sizes, catering to a wide range of needs. The size of the unit you choose directly impacts the cost. Larger units naturally command higher prices, but renting a unit that’s too small could lead to inefficient use of space. Select a unit that perfectly accommodates your belongings to get the most value out of it.


Amenities and Features 

Modern storage facilities offer an array of amenities that enhance convenience and security. Units with state-of-the-art security systems and self storage facilities with forklifts and trolleys tend to be pricier. These features add to your quality of service and safeguard your belongings.


Short- vs Long-Term Storage 

The duration you intend to rent a storage unit can significantly affect the cost. Some places offer discounts for very long-term storage contracts. Others will offer flexible short- and long-term contacts at reasonable prices regardless of the duration.


If your storage needs are temporary or uncertain, opting for a shorter rental period might be more budget-friendly. Consider your need for flexibility alongside potential savings from extended commitments.

Internal vs External Units 

When considering storage unit rental in Cork, you should also consider whether an internal or external unit could fulfill your space requirements. Each offers different benefits and is suited to different storage needs; these varying features also come with different price points. 


Benefits of Indoor Storage Units 

  • Indoor storage units come in various shapes and sizes, as opposed to external containers, which are all the same shape and size.
  • The humidity is checked once a week. 
  • All floors are monitored during our daily walkarounds that are completed multiple times each day by a staff member. 
  • There are more layers of security; each unit is individually armed with an alarm and padlock, and monitored by staff watching the area. 


Benefits of External Storage Units 

  • One of the leading benefits of using external storage is the drive-up access that takes you straight to the door of your container — no hassle trying to fit your things into an elevator or carrying items upstairs. This aspect is especially advantageous when storing bulky, heavy furniture like sofas, beds, and wardrobes.
  • Since the container unit is located outside the building, it won’t have regular temperature checks. However, any decent self storage facility will ensure all their containers are dry and protected from changing weather.
  • Containers are the perfect storage solution for tradesmen who need to store their tools, equipment, and machinery. 
  • You can also store motorbikes and vehicles in an external container.


How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost to Rent in Cork?

This table provides a general cost per month of a storage unit in Cork. Your typical price per week would range from €27 per week to €87.

Size of Self Storage Unit Measurements Ideal For Average Cost per Week (Including VAT)
Small (internal) 15 sq ft (60 cubic feet)  A student or someone going travelling! It can fit 3 or 4 suitcases €27
Medium (internal) 25 sq ft (200 cubic feet) A small garden shed’s worth of storage. This unit would fit 10 large boxes, a washing machine, and a fridge €46 
Large (internal) 100 sq ft (800 cubic feet)  The average contents of a 3-bedroom house €87 
External Container (medium) 10ft length (640 cubic feet)  The average contents of a 2-bedroom apartment or for storing a motorbike €55
External Container (large) 20ft length (1280 cubic feet) The average contents of a 4-bedroom house or to store any vehicles €68


These prices do not take into account all self storage Ireland prices nationwide but rather focus on the average cost of self storage in Cork. Use our size calculator to find the perfect fit for your needs and request a quick quote based on the size selected.

Where To Find Cheap Self Storage in Cork?

If you’re still fretting over how much self storage costs in Cork, then your best solution would be to use Wm. O’Brien Self Storage for all your personal and business storage needs!

How we stand out from other self storage companies:

  • High-quality security features, such as 24-hour CCTV cameras, infrared alarm systems, and fire detection systems
  • A wide range of unit sizes for all your space needs
  • Located in an easily accessible facility, around 5 km from Cork’s city centre
  • A fully stocked Box Shop for all your packaging needs is available on-site


For any self storage queries, call us today at 1800 7474 75 or ask for an instant and free quote.