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How To Make the Most Out of Your Home Office

Posted by wobstorage on June 25, 2020

Now that the novelty of working from home has well and truly worn off it’s time to get serious about making the most out of your home office space.


The Covid pandemic pushed many of us into a whole new way of working and as we adjust to our new ‘not so normal’ lives, there are some things we might just want to keep after lockdown. Some of us are looking forward to sprinting back into the office, but for others the idea of returning to the daily commute isn’t as appealing. Working from home is definitely going to become more common for some of us, or at least for a few days of the week.


The last few months you might have gotten away with dialling in for meetings from the kitchen table or the sitting room floor but now maybe it’s time to take your work space to the next level.


Look at your house with fresh eyes. Is there space you’re not optimising or space that could be converted into an office? A large cupboard or even empty space under the stairs can make great options for a single desk space. Or is there somewhere you could add a standing desk? Standing desks can ease pressure on your lower back and neck, and studies have shown that they may even help reduce the chance of heart disease and lower cholesterol. There’s also an added bonus that you will burn more calories just by standing instead of sitting.


Be good to your seat! With home working, we spend even less time on our feet with no walks to colleagues’ desks or meeting rooms. This means we are spending an awful lot more time sitting down. A chair that forces you to lean forward can lead to poor posture and one that is too low can cause wrist strain. It’s important that you have a good seat to support your back, lumbar and overall posture while sitting, so you won’t run into health problems down the road. Choose an easily adjustable chair, so you can work comfortably for long hours.


Get out of bed and off the sofa! Yes, it’s great that you can snuggle up in the comfiest spots in your house but for your long-term productivity, work-life balance and posture, it’s important to have a dedicated work space that you can step away from at the end of the day.


Make it yours! Whether it’s a plant, a photo of a loved one or a motivational quote, it’s good to decorate your space to personalise it. Plants are a great option as they can eliminate harmful toxins like formaldehyde while also generating oxygen. Air-filtering plants such as Chinese evergreens or spider plants are a good choice.


Shine your light! If you can, make the most of natural light during the day. It has a huge impact on both our mental and physical health. If it’s an option, be sure to situate your desk beside or as near to a window as possible. If not, a soft simple desk lamp can go a long way to a productive, stress-free work environment. The soft glow will help create a warm, cozy, mellower feeling. And remember, working in a badly lit environment will strain your eyes and can lead to headaches and even blurred vision.


Plan for visitors…the virtual ones. If you are going to have virtual conference calls, consider what others will see behind your head on the screen. A view of your laundry basket or last night’s dirty dishes may not quite give the professional impression you were looking for.


If you need to make more space for your home office, but don’t want to dump your belongings, consider using an external self storage provider. It will allow you to free up space in your home for items you don’t use on a daily basis from Christmas decorations, to drum kits, and kayaks to keyboards.


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