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Internal Vs External Storage – Which one suits you?

Posted by Shannon White on August 12, 2022

Internal and External Storage



There is a storage unit for everyone. Whether you are looking for an internal storage unit for a few suitcases if you are a student; a unit large enough to fit a 4 bed home to an external unit that can be converted to a workshop or to store a vintage car. There are so many versatile options!


It comes down to a personal preference and needs when choosing between internal and external storage units. Both have advantages.




At Wm. O’Brien Self Storage we have 3 floors fitted out with various sized storage units. Our ground floor is accessible just through our secured loading bay. It might be the best option if you have a business and receive multiple pallets per week. Our 1st and 2nd floor units are just as advantageous but might be the solution for you if you won’t be visiting your unit multiple time per week or months.


Indoor storage units come in all different shapes and sizes unlike the external containers which are all the same shape and size (10ft or 20ft).


The humidity is supervised once a week, all floors are monitored during our daily walk arounds that are completed multiple times through out each day by a member of staff. Further layers of security are added with having security alarm linked to all individual storage unit doors that is also linked to a PTI system. This level of supervision provides an extra level of protection that some customer would prefer.


We, at Wm. O’Brien Self Storage highly recommend both our internal and external storage options, but we do know both can have their own advantages! Pest Control. In an internal unit it is very unlikely that you will ever have a case of insect infestation and for this reason we only allow non consumable goods inside the building. Choosing an external unit means that you can store some items not allowed inside the building. Our external storage containers are designed and constructed to not let anything in unless brought in by yourself – but be aware that if you store consumable goods then you are asking for insects to find their way into your container.




With currently over 100 external storage containers in our yard and continuously expanding, you will never fear of being short or left stranded for storage! The benefit to external storage is endless. One of the leading benefits would be that you can drive right up to the door of your container. You won’t have the hassle of needing to go on an elevator or carry items upstairs. It is especially favourable when needing to store large heavy pieces of furniture like sofas or beds or even a large wardrobe!


Due to the external container being outside the building walls, it won’t have the extra perk of having the temperature check regularly even though we ensure that all our containers are dry, safe, secure and no fear of dampness or mould.


External containers will often at times be the cheaper option when it comes to storage. This being that not all storage businesses start off with having them and they must introduce the business model to customers and make them trustworthy. And it is a great financial option to offer customers!


We scream it from the rooftops all the time, but containers are the ideal solution for tradesmen who want to have a workshop or to store their tools, equipment and/or machinery. We’ve all heard the stories of vans been robbed outside people’s homes. It’s better to be rest assured that your expensive tools are safe within a secured facility. Access is only granted with a personalised unique code. You can also store motor bikes and vehicles in an external container.


To establish which of the 2 options are right for you, why not pop into our facility and one of our storage experts will show you around and answers all the questions you might have! You can reserve your unit today! Alternatively, you can ring our office on (021) 454 5582.