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Running an Ecommerce Business? You Need Self-Storage

Posted by Shannon White on April 14, 2022

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The Global Pandemic has seen hundreds of people take the plunge and start up an online business. With a percentage of the population laid-off work, people found themselves with a lot more time on there hands. As the stores were shut digital and online stores skyrocketed!


Everyone began online shopping and having a parcel delivered almost every day. Since things have started opening again it seems people are still sticking to doing their shopping online. Ecommerce business are thriving.


But where are these new start-up business’s keeping their excess stock? Many are not prepared to turn their home into storage for their stock, so they choose self-storage!


Keep reading to find out some of the many ways a storage unit can be an advantage for entrepreneurs running an Ecommerce business.



Save Money & Flexibility

Renting a Self-Storage unit is a lot cheaper than renting an office building or a warehouse. It is also less of a commitment; this is great for brand new start up companies who are still finding their feet but would like to expand. A self-storage unit won’t charge you council tax, business rates or high rates of rent. Overall, the cost savings of a self-storage space are huge, and for an online business it helps keep costs low and margins high.


Business customers can choose between short or long term contracts and have the flexibility of increasing their square footage as their business grows or decreasing if there are times of decline in their industry. Watch here.



Keeping it separate

It is important to keep your work and home life separate. As business owners tend to be buying stock in bulk, their homes might be bombarded with boxes and pallets that they do not have the space for. Not only is it inconvenient to have your home turned into a stock room but it is important for your head to have your work and home life separate.




Your home has limited space to begin with so your ecommerce stock is being pushed into rooms such as the attic or garage where it can easily be damaged or stolen. With sometimes minimal security and the fact that you might not be there all the time there really is no safer place for your stock than a self-storage unit. A storage facility will have staff present on the premises at all times during office hours as well as advanced security measures in place for during the night.


An artist might have quite a number of flammable paint assortments. Or even a tradesman would have a large collection of tools and equipment that you would be bringing in and out of your van each evening. These are all dangerous to be keeping in your home, around children and could also be flammable.


Having a self storage unit, you can arrange the room as you wish! There is also the possibility of putting shelving up to organise stock. Everything is in one place for you to just come and go as you please.


At Wm O’Brien’s Self-Storage the security of your possessions is our utmost priority. With the use Red Wall Security and Twin Alarm System along with 24 hour manned CCTV, you can be rest assured all your items are kept safe and secure. The facility is surrounded by a perimeter security fence and an electronic gate. Outside of business hours, only customers can access the facility with their individual pin codes. Our modern building is also equipped with the latest fire alarms and smoke detectors. Your stock will never be safer!



Extra amenities

Renting a Self-Storage unit comes with plenty of added bonuses that could really help an online business grow.


At Wm. O’Brien’s we are very proud of the amenities that we have to offer all customers, especially small business customers who are ordering stock regularly. Customers have access to an impressive loading bay with trollies and a forklift for all your deliveries. You can stay confident that when you purchase your stock in bulk. We are happy to accept deliveries on a business owners behalf and we can even put them in their respected unit upon request. We also offer an office space and meeting room, free van rental along with having a team of dedicated staff members.


So really, a business owner is not just renting a storage unit – they are gaining access to a wide network of services to support your business on a long-term basis.