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Picking the perfect storage room size for your needs

Posted by Public Storage on December 2, 2020

Self Storage Room Size Guide


When you’re looking at renting self storage, one of the hardest questions to answer is how much storage space will I need? Self storage is a great option if you want a cost effective, flexible storage solution.


People are often surprised by how much a self storage room can hold. However, knowing exactly how much space you require is difficult, especially if you’ve never used storage before.


If you’re not sure, don’t worry! We’ve got a storage size calculator and an easy to read visual storage size guide to help you with your decision, and if you’re still not sure after that, give us a call and one of our storage experts will help you out.


The size of self storage rooms is generally given in square feet. This is calculated by taking the length multiplied by the width. The typical ceiling of a storage room is eight to ten feet high, which gives you plenty space to stack things up high.


Firstly you’ll need an idea of what you need to put into storage.  If you have an exact list then input the contents into our storage size calculator and it will do the maths for you (see instructions below). And if you just need a general calculation, check out our visual storage size guide.


Remember you can also easily upsize and downsize your storage room at any stage with no penalties as self storage doesn’t involve any long-term contracts. Even on moving day, if you find you’ve asked for too much space, that’s okay! We can swop your room for you.


Storage Calculator

To use our storage calculator, simply visit our online storage size calculator and input what you need to store. Firstly, choose a room, and then add the contents that you need to store. For e.g. from my living room I need to store my 3-seater couch, 2 armchairs, a tv and a tv cabinet. The calculator is telling me that I need 32.85 sq ft. I can then move to the next room and repeat the exercise. The total square feet or total room size that I need will be calculated at the end of the page.

Storage size calculator


Storage Guide

We also have a visual guide online to help you gauge the size you need and also provide some storage tips on how to pack your room.


If you are looking to store the contents of your flat or house these are the sizes that we recommend:

  • For a one-bed home / flat, you will need between 25 and 65 sq ft
  • For a 2/3-bed home, you will need 65-100 sq ft
  • For a 3/4-bed homes, you will need 100-125 sq ft
  • For a 4+ bed home, you will need 125-150 sq ft


If it’s commercial storage you are looking for, we recommend the following:

  • For the contents of a Transit van, you will need 50 sq ft
  • The contents of a Luton van will require 75 sq ft
  • The contents of a 7-tonne truck will require 100-125 sq ft
  • The contents of a 20ft container will require 150-200 sq ft
  • The contents of a 40ft container will require 250-350 sq ft

If you are looking to store documents, we recommend the following:

  • For 100 banker’s boxes, 50 sq ft
  • For 200 banker’s boxes, 100 sq ft
  • For 300 banker’s boxes, 150 sq ft


Also consider if you are going to fill up your storage room and not return until you need to empty it. If this is the case a smaller room should work for you. However, if you are going to taking items in and out of your room, you might want a slightly larger space to move around inside the unit. A small aisle between your boxes can be really effective in this situation. So depending on how efficiently you need to store your items, it might make more sense to size up a little and take the stress out of trying to squeeze into a tighter space. In terms of pricing rooms may not differ hugely in cost, so be sure to ask your self storage provider.


Most self storage facilities will give free, no obligation tours, so you can always visit to view the room sizes you are considering. Alternatively ask your self storage provider to send on a video. This will help you to really visualise the space and get a good feel for what will work for you.


Whether you’re looking to store your personal belongings while you move into your dream home, or for storage solutions for your business – no matter what you need, there is a self storage room size suitable for you.


If you’re still not sure how much storage space you need, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on freephone 1800 74 74 75 or email and we’d be delighted to share our expertise.