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Still Working from Home? Here’s How Self Storage can Benefit you.

Posted by Shannon White on January 17, 2022

We are heading into our 3rd year of this global pandemic that has seen the world come to an almost complete stand-still at its peak. We have all had to make adjustments and adapt to the new way of things – including how and where we work. ‘Working from Home’ was something that was only considered for the self-employed or the very lucky. Covid-19 has shifted the way in which people work forever.



An employee’s workspace is critical to their success. It is where they spend the majority of their day each week and a cluttered and un-efficient workspace can lead to a loss in productivity and motivation. This is where Self Storage comes into play! One of the great benefits of Wm. O’Brien Self Storage is that you can declutter your home and create your own workspace while having peace of mind that all your personal items are kept safe and secure in our facility. Self-Storage units can help you, “Find a Space in Your Place”.



Below is a list of examples of where Wm. O’Brien Self Storage can assist you in making the permanent move to ‘Working from Home’.



Create a Home Office:


It is important to keep your work life and your home life separate; this is deeming to be increasingly difficult as more and more people are sent to work from home permanently. It can be difficult to maintain this split between home and work life when your makeshift office has slowly spread around your entire house. Having a dedicated workspace can help with this. By renting a storage unit you can create this dedicated workspace. One of the many benefits of a storage unit is that it can be paid on a month to month basis which means less commitment than having to rent out an office building or warehouse. You can come and go as you please ….



Stocking Equipment and Supplies:


If you already have an office space in your home you may consider a storage unit to stock your extra equipment, supplies or files to keep that office space at home clutter free. With 24 hr CCTV and your own personalised access code you can be guaranteed your things will be kept safe and secure.



Having a Base:


Another great benefit of using Self Storage would be for the likes of Start up businesses, freelance tradesmen or salesmen who may consider using a storage unit as a base for their business. Wm. O’Brien Self Storage is ideally located just off the N40 and is within minutes of both the tunnel and city centre. Again, without the commitment of renting out an office building or warehouse you can have a space that you can come and go from as you please.



With Covid–19 not looking like it is ready to leave us anytime soon, renting a Self-Storage unit will be the best decision you make! Contact one of our storage experts today and we can get you set up in no time!