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Simple Packaging & Decluttering Tips

Posted by wobstorage on July 1, 2019

We know that moving/selling your house can be stressful enough as well as moving abroad or going travelling so we at Wm O’Brien Self Storage have put together a few Packaging and Decluttering Tips that might come in handy and take some stress off your shoulders!


  1. Be careful if you wrap your delicate items in newspaper – The print might come off if the packaging box get damaged or wet.
  2. Pack plates on their ends wrapped in packing paper. Wrap mirrors in bubble wrap and pictures in our picture boxes and stack on their end.
  3. Only use good quality packing boxes and tape etc. All of these can be found in our store and online. Why not ring ahead and we will have all your packing supplies ready to go when you arrive!
  4. If you don’t have enough fragile items to fill a full box or you want to be extra careful – Fill the remainder with soft clothes, towels or bubble wrap!
  5. Do not overfill your packing boxes – remember you must lift them! We have a range of packaging items in our store for various items and needs!
  6. Declutter/Pack away your home room by room and clearly label each box!
  7. Clean your garden equipment prior to storing and do not forget to drain fuel from any petrol driven items.
  8. Wash all the clothes you wish to store before packing them away for a long period of time. Even ironing the clothing helps with the amount of space taken up.
  9. We stock wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes allowing for easy removal of your wardrobe contents.
  10. When packing away seasonal clothes, make sure that you pack according to person. That way you can avoid the long hassle of sorting out each person’s items later. A little bit of organisation at the beginning will help in the long run!
  11. Avoid placing heavy objects onto soft furniture or mattresses.
  12. Electrical items, if possible, store in their original packaging and remove batteries, if fitted.
  13. If dismantling furniture use a small bag to keep all the bolts and screws together, attach them to the relevant item.
  14. Use duct covers for furniture such as; couches, mattresses and tables.
  15. We know that Decluttering/Packing can be quite time consuming but don’t spend all day at it! You’ll forget your main purpose of decluttering certain items and keep objects that are no longer needed. There’s no time limit.


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If you have any questions or any useful tips that we haven’t mentioned – please contact us on (021) 454 5582 or email