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20 Ways to Prevent Condensation in your Storage Container

Posted by Shannon White on June 23, 2022

External Storage ContainerThe most common concern when it comes to storing household, valuable items in an external storage container is that it might get damp, wet or condensation will build up over time. If you store at a reputable storage facility then you will have no issue or fear of your goods getting damaged in any way.


At Wm. O’Brien Self Storage, we always rest assure our customers that their goods will not get damp or moisture on them if they are dry when going into the container in the first place. All our containers are air-ventilated. They are purposefully built storage containers.



Below is a list of ways to prepare your belongings before going into storage but most importantly, going into storage containers.





Washing Machines

  • Must be properly drained and cleaned



Fridges & Freezers

  • Defrost and drain, towel dry 24/48 hours before moving day
  • Don’t forget ice makers and water dispensers




  • Drain and clean, check for any leftover food which would cause bacteria




  • Dry off completely to prevent any water being brought into your unit immediately after being driven in
  • Same applies to wet riding gear and helmets



Gardening & Landscaping Equipment

  • Clean down/drain fully eq. lawnmowers, strimmers & garden hoses



Household Pressure Washers

  • Must be drained fully, including the pump, hoses, guns & accessories, to prevent leakage & condensation in your unit



Builders Equipment

  • Including scaffolding, wood & tools need to be fully dry & clean



Any products, household goods or clothes

  • That got wet from being moved from a house to a van, and into your unit in the rain, will cause condensation.




  • That has been caught in the rain during removal process can also cause condensation



Check for Raindrops

  • On doors, wet timber & gazebos



Wet Football Gear

  • Teams needs to ensure all training gear is clean and dry before storage



Wet Fishing Equipment

  • All tackle, waders, waterproofs, nets etc. Need to be fully dry before storage



Watch out for rain while ‘Loading’ and ‘Unloading’– moving into your storage unit



Kettles, Steam Irons, Fish Tanks, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Kids Water Guns and Play Equipment

  • All must be emptied and cleaned prior to storage as can cause condensation by bringing water into your unit.