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Storing Your Mattress The Right Way

Posted by Public Storage on April 22, 2021


Whether you’re moving house or redecorating, if you are storing your mattress it’s important to remember a few key storage tips. To prolong the life and quality of your mattress and ensure it remains in a usable condition, Wm. O’Brien Self Storage has a few helpful ideas so that it remains in a useable condition until you need it again.




  1. Clean the Mattress Before and After Storage

Putting a dirty mattress into storage can mean fungus, mould and a dirty mattress coming back out of storage. Use upholstery cleaner or baking soda on your mattress to kill bugs, remove odours and freshen it up. Sprinkle on the bread soda. Leave it to settle for at least 30 minutes and vacuum it off. And don’t forget to do both sides!

Remove a mattress from storage at least 24-hours before you need it to give enough time to air it.


  1. Buy a re-useable mattress cover

A heavy-duty mattress cover serves two purposes. Firstly it will provide resistance to tearing, dirt and moisture, allowing you to store your mattress for a long time. Secondly, the cover means that moisture in your mattress (and trust us – there’s a lot!) won’t spread to other items in your storage room, which can lead to dampness, bacteria and mould developing. Mattress covers are available online or from our Self Storage Box Shop.


  1. Be careful where you store it

Avoid storing mattresses in damp rooms such as an outdoor shed. Also keep mattresses away from pets and sharp objects. Consider using a custom-built self storage facility where your items will be dry, safe and secure.


  1. Store the mattress flat

A lot of storage tips will tell you that it’s okay to store your mattress on its side. However, for longer term storage the coils and inner workings can get squashed and move out of place, so it’s better to store it flat. Place a tarpaulin on the floor underneath it for an added layer of protection before storing your mattress.


  1. Don’t pile things on top

Heavy items can cause damage to the springs and mattress material. Resist the desire to use it as a base to pile boxes on top of! If it’s an option, the best thing to do is to place it on top of some flat furniture.


Looking for safe, reliable storage space for your mattress and other belongings? Wm. O’Brien Self Storage has a wide range of storage rooms to suit your needs. Reserve for free online today!