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Tips On How To Start To Declutter Your Space

Posted by wobstorage on July 8, 2020

Brought to you by MNF Decluttering & House Staging


The best way to approach decluttering is to say to yourself.’ I will give it half an hour’ and see where that leads you…


  1. Have a bag for rubbish and a clear bag for charity or friends and a box for larger items.
  2. Turn off the TV and put on your favourite music.
  3. Open all the curtains and a window for fresh air. Bring a bottle of water with you. Now you are ready.
  4. Always start in your own bedroom.
  5. If there are clothes on the floor/bed make space and start by folding them into ‘like with like’. So all pants together, all tops together, etc.
  6. Put dirty washing in a laundry pile/basket and make sure to take them to the washing machine the same day!
  7. Do not worry about where you are going to put the extra stuff away yet…… decluttering is an evolving process. With each step you take…….. another solution will turn up. The most important thing is to start.
  8. Once the clothes are folded, empty one part of your wardrobe onto the bed or floor.
  9. Be very strict with yourself and divide clothes into a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘charity’ pile.
  10. This will give you more space to put away and keep what you really love and what fits you now.
  11. Do not keep clothes that you might fit into at some unknown later date!!
  12. If you get too overwhelmed by the process. Leave it until another day and go for a walk in the fresh air.


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