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What to Look for in a Storage Room

Posted by Shannon White on June 9, 2021



For first time storage users picking the right storage facility can be tough, and yet more and more people are using self storage to solve their needs. According to – “About 27 percent of self-storage renters live in apartments while 68 percent live in single-family homes…” which is why Self-Storage Facilities are so popular and a necessity in some cases.

Let’s take 3 possible scenarios:
  1. Sarah and Mike have just sold their house and are moving to a new county for work. They need somewhere to store their household items while they set up and sign all the contracts.
  2. Stephanie is an international student studying here for her Degree. She will be flying home each Christmas and Summer but must move all her items out of her student accommodating each time.
  3. Cian has saved over the past year due to the Global Pandemic and finally has enough money to finance that renovation in his house he’s wanted for the past few years.


All scenarios need storage but neither know where to start – our blog will take you through what to look for in a storage room and the questions you should be asking before booking.




When it comes to storage – size really does matter! Trying to figure out what size you need is one of the most popular questions asked when getting storage. If you are going to view storage rooms in person, we recommend having a list of what you need to put in storage, as well as measurements for the bigger and bulkier items.


All our storage units vary from 8ft to 10ft in height and are the perfect solution for any and all of your house furniture from kitchen dining tables to 3-seater sofas to precious inherited items. The vast majority of people are visual learners – We have a VERY helpful size calculator on our website!


For a little cheat sheet: The full contents of a 2-bed house can fit into a 75 sqft unit and a 4-bed house would comfortably fit into a 150 sqft unit. You must also ask yourself, “Do you want a storage unit just big enough for your items? You don’t need what is in there until the day you vacate?” Or would you like to be able to more around a little and have a little breathing room.


If you would prefer a little more space in your storage room to get at your items during your stay, we have a few tips:

  1. Label EVERYTHING!
  2. Make a list of the boxes you potentially need access to.
  3. Have a plan of action – what boxes go in first and what are your largest items.
  4. Give yourself enough time to move into your unit! You might have to make last minute changes and re-arrange boxes.


Check out our box shop for all your packing needs including boxes, tape, labels and more!



Another question that is on everyone’s mind when it comes to self-storage is…” How much is it going to cost me?”


Well, it all depends on what size you will need. The larger the room the higher the price (you can refer to our size calculator if you need help). That is why it is important to be realistic with what size unit you wish to go with.


At Wm. O’Brien Self Storage, payment is every 4 weeks but you only pay for the days you use! We will refund you back any days not used within your stay.


Some Storage facilities will have discounts to offer, for example at Wm. O’Brien Self-Storage we offer 5% off if 6 months rental is paid upfront and a larger percentage for 12 months. This is cost effective if you are planning on a long-term stay.


When searching for the ideal Self Storage that suits you best, you should also be aware of other additional costs that may be added, such as a refundable deposit when signing up, the cost of a padlock to secure your unit if you don’t already own one, and also insurance cover.




Many, if not all Storage businesses ask that insurance is covered on your goods while they are being stored. It makes sense! Why have house insurance for your items and then not have storage insurance? You may already be covered under your home insurance, but if not we offer customised competitive insurance rates. You can check out our video on why storage insurance having is important here.



Facility and Equipment:

Before choosing a storage facility for your personal or business items, we also recommend taking a tour of the grounds, so you know exactly how to get in and out, especially outside of office hours. Familiarise yourself with all equipment offered to help you with your boxes such as trolleys, elevators, hand trunks and/or forklift for business use.


At Wm. O’Brien Self-Storage, not only do we offer all of the above equipment, but we also have a to help you move into your new storage unit! We are the only storage company in Cork to offer this amazing service and it can save you €€€! We understand that moving to a new house or renovating or needing more office space can be stressful in itself so we took the stress of renting a van away, so you have more time to organise your unit.




Access hours vary with every storage facility. You need to be realistic – will you be needing access to your boxes, couches and fridge at 2am in the morning? Some locations can offer 24-hour access but at an additional cost again while other only allow access during office hours.


We can offer all our customers extended hours access from 5am – 11pm seven days a week as we know that you might only have time before or after working hours.




While cost will be a big factor when deciding on self-storage, so will location. Many customers wish to have their items stored in a location close to them while businesses and commercial customers wish to have their stock stored near a main road for travel convince. This is a big consideration for international students as they might not have their own transportation.


We believe that Wm. O’Brien Self-Storage is ideally located only minutes away from both Cork City Centre and the Jack Lynch Tunnel, positioned just off the N40.




You are storing your most valuable belongings into storage, so it goes without saying that you expect the facility to have security. Features you should keep an eye out for or simply ask your service provider are: is there 24/7 security cameras? Is the facility monitored outside of hours? How does security work when the front office is closed? Who do you contact in case of emergency?


Not only do we have 24/7 security cameras and padlocks for each unit, but we have personalised passcodes for every customer so that you can gain access to the building and access to the facility itself outside of office hours. Check out our video to see how it works!




You should always do your homework on your chosen storage facility and the best way to do that is by searching for reviews. These can come in many forms – word of mouth, online, family/friends etc.


If you are still unsure of why you should store your belongings at Wm. O’Brien Self-Storage, you can always check out our Review Section on both our website and social media platforms. Our fabulous customers both past and present have given video testimonials explaining their experience with us!


Any more questions about self storage? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our storage experts would be delighted to help you out!