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How Self Storage Works

We offer storage space for rent to individuals and businesses. There is a wide variety of sizes from small lockers to large rooms, as well as external drive up units. These can be rented from just a week, to a month or even years depending on your needs. Watch this video to learn about: calculating how much space you’ll need; self storage pricing; how to make a reservation; self storage insurance; and what documentation you will need on moving in day.

About Wm. O'Brien Self Storage

Whether you’re moving house, storing business or seasonal items, renovating or just in need of more space, as Cork’s No. 1 storage provider we’ve got the perfect storage room for you. Our indoor storage rooms provide dependable clean storage and secure access from inside our building. Our external storage rooms are like mini warehouses. These are ideal if you are looking for cost-effective drive up access. You can use our free van to move in and out of your room, saving you the cost of rental. Watch our video to find out more...

Virtual Tour Of The Facility

Check out this whistle stop tour of our facility...

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

When deciding what size storage space you need you can: 1) Use our online calculator to the estimate the space you require, or 2) Use our handy visual guide, or 3) Contact our storage experts who will happily advise you Remember you can change the size of your room at any stage during your stay without any penalties.

How Self Storage Pricing Works

Our pricing is based on the square foot size of your unit. Simply pick the size of the room you need, or ask our team for advice, and we’ll give you a price. This price includes your storage charge, rates, service charges, utility bills, maintenance costs and VAT (unless otherwise stated). Payment is made 4 weeks in advance but if you leave your storage room before the end of any 4-week period, we will refund you the balance. The price quoted does not include a padlock which you will need; €100 deposit; and insurance. If your own insurance policy does not cover goods in self storage, we can give you a competitive quote.

What You Need To Set Up An Account

To get access to your storage room, you will need to sign a storage contract with a member of our team. The process takes less than 10 minutes. You will need- one form of government photo ID like a driver's license or passport; your first 4 weeks payment by debit or credit card; the payment details you would like us to use going forward; a €100 deposit which is fully refundable when you leave; an alternative contact name, address and phone number; proof of contents insurance (if your own insurance doesn’t cover goods in storage, we have a cost-effective alternative for you); a padlock (we sell them if you forget). Once this is complete you’re ready to move in!

About Self Storage Insurance

It’s important to make sure your belongings have the correct insurance. At Wm. O’Brien Self Storage we require all our customers to have adequate insurance. Check with your own insurance company to see if you are covered. We will need proof of this when you are signing up. Alternatively, we can offer competitive rates starting at just €1.50 per week per €1,000 value of your goods. If you don’t know the value of contents, please contact our team who can recommend an industry standard value of your goods.

Use Our Free Van To Move In

We offer all our customers a free van to move in, saving you on van rental. How does it work? Simple. Just book the date that you need the van with our team. Then transfer your car insurance onto our van for the duration of use. If you would like a friend or family member to drive the van on your behalf, that’s ok too. Just ensure that it is their insurance policy that is transferred. Make sure to bring your driving licence on the day as well as a copy of the transfer cover from your insurance company stating the insurance is comprehensive. All we ask is that you top up any diesel used before returning it!

Safe and Secure Storage

Our priority is to safeguard the security of your belongings. We have an extensive range of security and safety measures. We operate a sophisticated twin burglar alarm system. Our Red Wall Security System is an infrared alarm that detects movement of body heat. This triggers an alarm at our central monitoring security control centre which is also linked to CCTV. In addition, each storage room is individually alarmed and monitored from our reception. State of the art fire alarms and smoke detectors are installed on every floor. Our 24-hr CCTV inside and outside the building covers all access areas, lift lobby, storage corridors and reception. Surrounding the facility, we have a security fence. Our computer-controlled site access gate is accessible only by personalised customer access codes.

Make Packing Easier With Our Box Shop

Our Box Shop caters for all your packaging needs with a wide range of boxes from wardrobe and picture boxes, and double walled boxes to archive boxes. We also stock bubble wrap, mattress and dust covers, packing tape, padlocks, labels, markers and everything in between. Just call in to our storage team and we’ll be delighted to help you out!

Using Trollies And Our Forklift Service

We have a dedicated loading bay for our customers convenience. Here we have 2 pallet trucks and 6 trollies free to use to help you with moving your belongings. We also have a forklift for pallet deliveries which can be used upon request. You need a valid forklift ticket but if you don’t have one, don’t worry! One of our team can operate the forklift on your behalf.

How Our Secure Keypad Access Works For You

At Wm O’Brien Self Storage our priority is to ensure your goods are always 100% safe and secure day and night! When you sign up as a customer, you will be given your own unique PIN code. This will allow you open the gate outside of office hours as well as access the building. This system allows you entry to the facility 24/7 but also gives added security. The keypads are integrated with custom security software, allowing us to monitor onscreen activity and know exactly who is accessing the facility.

Why Choose an Internal Storage Room?

Our internal storage rooms are ideal for both personal and business use. With lockers from 10sq foot right up to 400sq foot storage rooms, we have just the right amount of space for your belongings in the most convenient location in Cork. Whether you need storage for a week, a month or longer, we can offer flexible solutions. You can use our free van to move in and save on van rental. Drive up to our covered bay and use our free trolleys to move your things around. In our custom-built facility with 24-hr security you can be confident that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Why Choose External Storage or a Mini Warehouse?

At Wm. O’Brien Self-Storage we offer external storage options which are like mini warehouses. These containers offer the convenience of drive-up access and are the perfect solution for tradesmen, businesses and for large domestic storage. Our containers offer secure, safe and dry storage solutions and can be used for storing tools, equipment, vehicles, furniture, seasonal goods, and much more. They are premium grade moisture proof containers, with 14 vents for optimum air flow to alleviate the risk of condensation. They have easy open-door handles with rubber grips, and also come with an anti-slip easy clean PU coated floor.

Help To Sell Your Items On Done Deal

Are you trying to get rid of some unwanted items? We can help sell your unwanted items on our DoneDeal account. All you have to do is - take photos of the items and send them to along with your contact details, item details, and the value you want to sell them at; we will upload it to our DoneDeal Business Account; we’ll then contact you when your items have been sold; we can also organise for the buyer to pick up the items from our office.